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A new approach

My Moris is an adventure inspired by our shared passion for Mauritian culture, traditions, rites, heritage and people. While it is true that pristine beaches, blue-green lagoons, and forests of luxuriant, tropical foliage make for an earthly paradise, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Mauritius is fourteen languages and dialects spoken. It is the crazy idea of building a nation from scratch. It is a bygone era of slavery during the time of the East India Company. It is the hope of migrants who left India and remote parts of China in search of a better life. It is the sweetness of sugar cane and the bitterness of hours spent in the fields, under the sun. It is the invisible presence of the spirits of ancestors who both protect and cast spells.

Above all, it is an island that is full of energy, forever evolving and reinventing itself.

Meaningful visits

We want you to discover all of this and much more during your visit. Our cultural discovery activities take you to the heart of the history, religions, languages, crafts, and kitchens of our country.

Two years ago, we bet on becoming pioneers in the cultural tourism industry. Our background in historical and anthropological research, as well as in social development, enables us to see Mauritian society under a different light. This view, filled with nuances, comes to life during our cultural tours.

To give you the best experience, we surround ourselves with academics and experts in heritage preservation. We create rich itineraries that satisfy both the heart and mind.

When we started off on this adventure, we felt that it was crucial that we positively contribute to an alternative and resourceful form of tourism, one that is mindful and respectful of the local culture and environment.

Mauritius isn’t a stage, nor can it be perceived from the outside.

We take you on the inside so you can feel and grasp its vibrant soul. The people who run the places where we stop during our tours help us carry out our project; they are our companions. Therefore, by choosing my Moris you also contribute to the safeguarding of local jobs and know-how. You directly support local endeavours in regions that are not fully economically developed yet. You are an active contributor to the preservation of the Mauritian cultural heritage.


Maya moved to Mauritius from Belgium since 2002. As a passionate and devoted anthropologist, she is fascinated by the stories told by slaves’ descendants and indentured labourers, traditional healing rites, or Sega music. Maya created my Moris to share her knowledge, but also to spread the joy she continues to experience, even after so many years of living here.
Born in Mauritius, Jayaluxmee is a performing artist of Bharata Natyam, a south Indian classical dance. She is also passionate about the ocean, music, dance, food, spirituality and much more. Sharing her time between My Moris as a guide, and her dance classes & performances, is a great way to fulfill her passions.
Marie de Comarmond
Marie was born of a family of artists, and left Belgium, her homeland, to explore the world with her Mauritian husband. They have lived for more than 25 years in Mauritius. Her varied professional experience and the different countries she has lived in, have greatly enriched her life. She is now happily retired and Marie really enjoys sharing her knowledge and the special love she feels for her second land, Mauritius.
I am a sea lover and I discovered a passion for the fauna and flora of my country as well as its protection. After teaching scuba diving for a long time, I decided to question myself and challenge myself. It was at this precise moment that my Moris appeared in my life. Today I aspire to transmit the wonder I felt by rediscovering cultural and historical richness of my country.

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