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You must, absolutely, discover Yudish’s Lali’s snacks

This month, my Moris met an inspiring young student cum entrepreneur who specializes in traditional Gujarati homemade savories.

Yudhishteer Varjangbhay is an active young man, full of life and passionate about sports such as kayaking, trailing, biking, paddling and more. At only 22 years old, he finds time for his studies, while, simultaneously, running his newly founded enterprise which exists since May,2021.

Hailing from a family of jewelers, his great grandfather came from Gujarat in the 1900’s as a trader and established a jewelry shop in Mauritius, in the 1930's. The later generations had to shut down the business, due to an increasing amount of competition in this field, and also because they wanted to fulfill their own different passions and career pathways. It is undeniable that Yudish inherited the business spirit from his Gujarati origins.

The young man got inspired by his grandmother’s Gujarati homemade snacks’ recipes; An inspiration that led to the creation of his little enterprise.

Yudish’s enterprise specializes in the making of Gujarati homemade snacks. He inherited his grandmother’s recipes and very smartly turned them into his own little enterprise. Subsequently, he chose to call his brand “Lali’s Snacks“ after his 87 years old grandmother, Lalita. The latter developed her skills throughout the years, after learning from her mother and mother-in-law, and the recipes evolved with time bringing out her own personal touch. According to Yudish, the secrets to unbeatable delicious Gujarati snacks lies in the proper consistency of the batter and the ‘’Jaro’’ (an apparatus used in the process).

The idea of commercializing these snacks, came when he was working in a packaging enterprise. Yudish is the only one who ensures the production, delivery and who manages all other aspects of the company for the time being.

His products are available at the following outlets:

Beau Panier in Curepipe

Tabazy Moris in Bagatelle

Manory libre service in Beau Bassin

Kwik stop shop in Sodnac

Regalis Butcher shop in Sodnac

La Kasse Role in Goodlands

Citizen supermarket in Curepipe

MiCupcake Pastry shop in Holyrood

or simply, through home delivery by calling on 58252035.

Lali’s snacks’ prices:

Pack of 25g – 15rs

Pack of 125g – 85rs

Party Pack of 500g – 300rs

Lali’s snacks are indeed one of the best of its kind, that we have ever tasted.

For the time being, only two products are manufactured, chevro and ghantiya, also known as ‘’sev’’ and ‘’moolkoo’’ in the mauritian slang. Handmade with passion, the perfectly-sized strips of ‘’chevro’’ mixed with crispy poha, peanuts, fried curry leaves, potato chips, etc, is an explosion of flavours in the mouth. As we say in creole “Lalang aplodi” i.e the tongue acclaims. He aspires to include more snacks in the future. An interesting aspect of his product is that they are vegan and gluten-free. Although ‘’sev’’ and ‘’moolkoo’’ are familiar appetizers in the mauritian culture, Lali’s snacks will, undoubtedly, become your favorite too and leave you craving for more.