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Rosemonde’s delicious recipes

A cooking class of creole cuisine

Rosemonde, whose name pays tribute to her two grandmothers, Rosemay and Raymonde, will welcome you into her home and divulge some of the best-kept secrets of Mauritian cuisine. But first, she will take you to the bazar, the weekly farmers’ market. The stalls are lined with aubergines in deep hues of purple, bright yellow pattypan squash, glossy red tomatoes (we call them “love apples”), bitter melon, chouchou… You may fill up your basket while learning about these peculiar vegetables. The fragrant herbs and fruits, the cries of the vendors, the snippets of conversation, the laughter of friends meeting at the bazaar after a week… The experience is electrifying.

Back at Rosemonde’s, you will help prepare today’s menu against a backdrop of radio music flowing from André’s carpentry workshop, mixed with the sounds of tools and the chitchat of the younger trainees.

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here… Lunch time!

You will leave with a piece of Mauritius in your heart!

9:30 to 13:00
Lunch included
1 to 4 pers.
+ 6 y.old

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