• Cooking in a temple
  • Cooking in a temple
  • Cooking in a temple
    A UNIQUE immersion IN A Local PLACE
  • Cooking in a temple
  • Cooking in a temple
    A pretty unique COOKING EXPERIENCE

A divine morning

Visit of a Hindu temple & tasty lunch

Indian culture is fascinating in so many ways, and Mauritius is the perfect place to explore its subtleties.

More than a century ago, about half a million Indians came to Mauritius to work in the sugarcane fields. They brought with them their languages, culture, their Gods and their intricate cuisine. Theirs is a fascinating story of exil and opportunities. We will tell you about this part of Mauritian history, a key to better understanding our current society.

With us, you will cross the threshold of a Hindu temple. You will learn the basics of Indo-Mauritian spirituality and delve into the Gods’ pantheon. We will also tell you about curses, ‘mauvais air’ or evil spirits who roam around the island and how to get rid of them.

After the visit, we will take you to a highly unusual place: a restaurant within a temple!

There we will be greeted by some charming and enthusiastic women cooks whose ancestors left India three generations ago. They will welcome you into their kitchen where they are busy cutting vegetables, stirring onions and thyme, mixing spices, cooking rice… Everyday they prepare mouthwatering (and sometimes spicy) meals of Indian origin that has been adapted to the local culture. A métisse cuisine!

Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for, you will enjoy the delicious meal they have prepared for you!

10:00 to 13:00
Lunch included
1 to 6 pers.
+6 y.old
Walking tour

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